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Shane sets up at Venice Beach's coolest new skate shop WAX; Jenny brings Moira home to LA and introduces her to the girls; Kit finds a friend in Angus, Bette and Tina's nanny; Alice continues her descent into a black hole over losing Dana; Bette refuses to curtail her spending habits; and Tina goes to work for Helena.



Transcript credit: recap by The Sci-Fi Bard, from The L Word Online


Alice is doing her radio show:

Alice: "...From her new album on Marfa Records, that was Amy Cook singing Millions Holes in Heaven... And I am Alice Piezsecki, and you're listening to the Chart on KCRW welcome back. Today on The Chart we're talking about how do you end a vicious cycle.
Oh, and for those of you out there in radioland who are sick of hearing me rant about my ex, Dana, you'll be happy to know this is not about HER.... This continuum of connectedness is about the cause and effect of one psychotic drug after another, to the point where you're medicating your medication.
Why don't we start with the very first anti-depressant I tried..."

Flashback to Dana and Lara getting out of their car and walking off into a restaurant, Alice comes up and bursts one of their tires.

"... It made me just a little intense... So then I said to my doctor: 'Can you just give me something strong , really strong that just made me happy. Is that too much to ask? So... He gave me lithium...'."

Flashback to Alice having dinner with... the Dana cardboard standee!... asking her: "...have you changed your hair?"

"...So this one really just made me hallucinate that I was happy...Then the, er... the withdrawal from those two drugs gave me A.D.D*, so I got the A.D.D. drug!..."

Flashback of Alice recovering her pills at a drug store, with a young boy telling her "I snort mine... Do you snort your's?"

"...a prescription for the new SSRI**, which he highly recommends, but said under rare cases, may cause me to commit suicide..."

Flashback of Alice throwing her pills in the flip-flop waste bin

"...So I was a little scared to take those then I wasn't on anything, so I felt like having sex again...."

Flashback of Alice in her bedroom

"which... really made me wanna kill myself..."

* Attention Deficit Disorder.

 ** Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, for treating depression.


 At the radio:

Alice: "Oh! Hi Ruth! How are you?!"

Ruth: "27!"

Alice: "27? 27, what do you mean?"

Ruth: "That's the number of times YOU mentioned DANA in this broadcast... which is DOWN from 43 in the previous show!"

Alice: "See! What did I tell you! I'm practically over her!"

Ruth: "I could fire you. Right now."

Alice: "You could?"

Ruth: "But I'm not going to.....I'm going to give you one more chance.... But I need to know in advance what your topics are gonna be... And I'd like to see a script! Yes, I would, I'd like to see a script - I need to see a script in which the letters D.A., followed by N.A. are NOWHERE in evidence! How about that?!"

Alice: "Ok! Ok! You look good... in a orange...!"



At the restaurant:

Dana: "Maybe she is butch in the street, and femme in the sheets."

Alice: "Oh my God! That's so original...."


Alice and Dana in the restaurant bathroom:

Alice: "I just wanna talk, Ok... I'm not gonna attack...."

Dana: "What do you wanna talk to me about?"

Alice: "I just wanna know if you're happy....."

Dana: "Yeah, I'm happy...I mean, for the most part I'm happy."

Alice: "I'm glad one of us is....."

Dana: "Ok...."

Alice: "Sorry..."

Dana: "You know, I'm sorry that you're unhappy... I'm sorry that I made you unhappy, but Alice, I dunno what to do! What can I do?!"

Alice: "I'm getting over this... I am... I'm... I'm working really hard to get over this...Maybe we could be friends again one day...."

Dana: "I would really love that. I miss you"

Alice: "Come back to me then!"

Dana: "Alice........"

Alice: "Ok...Ok...I'll let you wash your hands. I know how you like to wash your hands after you go to the bathroom"

Dana: "Everybody likes to wash their hands after they go to the bathroom...."

Alice: "Yeah, but it's super cute the way you do it...."

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Alice is doing her Radio show, talking about her medication...  (WMV - 6,08 MB)

The dream of Ruth: a script where the letters D A followed by N A are nowhere... (WMV - 5,12 MB)

Too much lipstick... (WMV - 9,46 MB)

Alice and Dana have a moment in the restaurant bathroom... (WMV - 5,97 MB)



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