Leisha recently started her own record label "Marfa Records" which will be releasing its first recording in Spring 2006:



Marfa Records 001

Amy Cook: "The Bunkhouse Recordings"

Executive producer: Leisha Hailey

Borrowed from Amy's Cook biography (from the former official Amy Cook site):

-- Amy's talent as a singer and songwriter reveals someone adept at taking the listener on a journey with songs that are full of imagery, truth, wit and honesty. She has the uncanny ability to examine rejection and acceptance in the same song, disillusionment and hope in the same lyric, all expressed earnestly and personally by her warm and supple voice."The thing I have always loved about music is the capacity to be moved, taken to another place. It's not about getting somewhere specific, or finding answers. It's more about going on a trip or just having a good time or having a feeling that you can't explain- it's just whatever it is for you at the moment. For me, songwriting is about expression as well as transport." --

Listen to Amy Cook from the official Marfa Records site here


Photography by Alexandra Hedison