Leisha was born on July 11, 1971 in Okinawa (Japan).

 She grew up in  Bellevue, near Omaha,  Nebraska, USA.

Graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, it's over there that her musical adventure start up, in the early 90s:

With the complicity of her very best friend Heather Grody, they form the folk-pop duo The Murmurs. At one and the same time singers and songwriters, they give us a cocktail of catchy melodies and biting lyrics, inspired by their own experiments. Brimming with artistry, energy and humor, they are devoted primarily to their true passion, the stage, performing in many clubs of the East coast (Brooklyn, East Village...) then of the West coast, after having moved to Los Angeles.

From their invaluable collaboration were released 5 albums: Who Are We in 1991, The Murmurs in 1994, White Rabbit (maxi CD) in 1995, Pristine Smut in 1997 and Blender in 1998.

After having toured almost everywhere in the USA (Among others, they took part in the famous tour organized by Sarah McLachlan, "Lilith Fair Tour" in 1999), the duo decides in 2001, to launch out in another musical adventure, with a new group, GUSH, whose music sounds much more rock'n'roll.

The band doesn't exist anymore now, Heather and Leisha wanting to concentrate on their respective careers.

Although the music is her passion, Leisha which has a training of actress, has appeared in several films, in particular "All Over Me", an independent film released in 1997, in which she played Lucy, a young rock'n'roller lesbian . Besides the song Squeezebox days was part of the soundtrack movie.

She played other parts in various productions (The Snowflake Crusade, Some Girls), shorts (Sleeping Beauty, Size' Em Up), TV series (Ellen: the famous episode of her coming out, Boy Meets World) and TV commercials for BMW or Yoplait.

But it's in 2004 that the acting skills of Leisha undeniably explode in the TV series The L Word aired on the American network Showtime. Series in which she plays Alice Pieszecki, a witty and outspoken bisexual journalist , all the more paradoxical role as Leisha is the only proven lesbian of the cast !

Leisha has always lived her homosexuality openly: "I believe when you're true to yourself people respect you more and treat you differently. I've only had good things happen to me because of being out. It's moved me forward personally and professionally. And I have my parents to thank for that, because they always taught me to be honest with myself. And that whatever I was in life was gonna have great outcomes as long as I was truthful."