In 2001, the musical adventure of The Murmurs is completed to give way to GUSH. An all new project for Leisha and Heather which, accompanied by two other musicians already present with The Murmurs and by a new guitarist, decided to give a sound resolutely more rock'n'roll to their music:



From http://www.themurmurs.com/ - 02/2001 (the site does not exist any more... ) :

Dear All,

As most of you know, it has been a year since we parted ways with MCA and over two years since we have released anything publicly. We have spent much of this time rediscovering ourselves as artists and musicians, free from the critical hit-driven eye of the industry. During this period, we have felt free to follow our creative instincts and to allow our music to take on a new direction.

"The Announcement" is that the four of us -
Heather, Leisha, Brad, and Dave - have committed to pursue a new project called "GUSH." We are so excited to be a part of this new adventure and believe that the music will reflect our growth from a decade of experience. As "GUSH," Heather will front the band as the lead singer as Leisha will follow her desire to focus on guitar. Dave and Brad will still be featured on the bass and drums, and we have added a new guitar player to the group. As for the sound, it has changed and matured, but we will leave it to you to hear and characterize the nature of the change.

With the support of a new manager, we feel confident that we are headed in the right direction. It is fair to say that, for now, "The Murmurs" are taking a long nap. We are not yet ready to commit to the end. The spirit will remain forever and the light will hopefully reveal itself through the form of "GUSH."

We wholeheartedly thank you for all of the years of support and dedication. You have been and continue to be a great source of encouragement and inspiration for us. We sincerely hope that you give this new project a chance. We will be announcing upcoming dates for "GUSH" shortly and can't wait to see your faces again. Keep checking in.

Heather et Leisha


Gush debuted in May, 2001 with a month-long residency at Spaceland in Los Angeles, California. The band just completed a four-song demo under the guidance of producer R. Walt Vincent, and is now playing on-demand performances in local L.A. hot spots.


photos : Copyright John Perry


Gush doesn't exist anymore since 2004, Heather and Leisha having decided to privilege their respective careers. Leisha is very seized with her role in ttelevision series The L Word, but she's still writing music and will eventualy start another band:

Leisha (showtime chat - 02/15/2004):"it was a very difficult decision when I took the show to know if I would have time to do both. Eventually it turned out that it's too difficult to straddle the two careers. But when I get home after shooting, like right now when I'm on hiatus, I have plenty of time to write and will eventually put my own band together."

Leisha (synthesis.net): "I feel open to so many possibilities musically right now. I'm starting a project in Texas where I'm opening a live music venue and also a small music label. Also, I want to start another band soon."

  As to Heather, which change her name from Heather Grody to Heather Reid, she continues her musical career with a new group, Redcar, with Jon of GUSH, and is also the author of a successful musical, Dear Bernard in 2004.



No album of Gush is available in the trade.

These songs are included in a CD called GUSH sold on their shows.


Do it again

On my feet

Get mine

In the dark


Half as good

This disaster

Find me out