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07/24/07: From Uh Huh Her (07/23/07):

Our favorite UHH fans,

We're pretty sure that you might not need a reminder...but just in case, we wanted to let you know that our EP,
I See Red, will be released tomorrow. It will be a limited release, for now, and will only be available on our myspace page as well as here.<---(Click there)
The EP will be available soon-ish on iTunes...along with an exclusive track. Stay tuned to the website for more details on the worldwide digital release.


The moment has arrived...Uh Huh Her merchandise is now available, willing and ready to wear. Get your swag

Happy Listening,


    Buy the EP     Tees and Hoodies     Underwear


From Introducing Uh Huh Her, article by Shauna Swartz

 07/11/07:  Quick update to say that the Uh Huh Her official website is up (Thanks Agnes!!!). You can now listen to the new songs and don't forget that you'll be able to buy the CD online (via download) starting the 24th of july 


New Uh Huh Her vid !!!





06/09/07: Guess who was elected the hottest woman on The Hot 100 List ??? Our gorgeous and supertalented Leisha!!!

From "As Alice on The L Word, Leisha gets more beautiful every season, and her acting skills have flourished too. Nobody has better comic timing, but she can also make us cry. And before she became our Sunday-night crush, she Murmur-ed in our ears as a pink-haired rocker who dated k.d. lang. Leisha makes it official: You're even hotter when you're out."

And here is her response to topping the list: "Wow, I don't even know what to say. I hope Angelina's not mad at me. I have to say this really makes up for the time I was on the Homecoming Court in High school with my boyfriend (yes I had one) and he won and I didn't. So thanks to everyone. I'll try and keep up my hottness. All my love, Leisha"


Still from Watch this hilarious video made by Clea DuVall: "It's Not Easy Being Green" where Clea and Leisha play roommates who take on a third roommate named Green (Carla Gallo), who is a bit obsessed with saving the Earth


05/27/07:  According to, the filming of season 5 of the L word will start on june 4th and will continue until october 11th - The first episode has already a name: LGB Tease


 Watch part 5 & part 6 of the Dinah Shore Weekend Be Scene on


News from Huh Huh Her: One bad -- Alicia (drums) has decided to leave the band to work on new projects... -- other news are much more better, here is the songs list of their upcoming EP (from Denisy's Official UH HUH HER Fanpage & Forum) and there is now an official fan mailing address:

Nettwerk Music Group
ATTN: Uh Huh Her
1545 Wilcox Ave
Suite 200
Hollywood, CA 90028

05/04/07: Photos and report of the Women's Night (Benefit party for L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center on April 29, 2007) are up on the site! Leisha and Uh Huh Her were there DJ-ing the party !!!  +  Official date release for the Uh Huh Her EP (digital release): July 24th!


part 3 & part 4 (final part by now, new questions are needed!!!) of the Leisha and Kate Q&A are on

04/20/07:  Watch the second part of the question & answer with Leisha and Kate now on !!!

04/19/07: The Dinah Shore Be Scene! video (part 2) is up on !!! + For those who haven't seen the Q&A, Leisha has announced the release of an Uh Huh Her EP (about 5 songs) by the end of may ! + Click here to watch the photos taken by Bianca during the Dinah Shore weekend.

04/13/07:  The first part of the question & answer with Leisha and Kate is up on !!!

04/09/07: Watch the Dinah Be Scene! video (part 1) now on !!!



 04/08/07: Check out the all brand new and first

 Official UH HUH HER Fanpage & Forum

 created by Denisy


REDCAR are Heather Reid (The Murmurs, Gush), Jon Skibic (Gush) & Ryan MacMillan. Their first album is now avalaible on and all songs are absolutely F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C  !!!

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04/04/07: From the Sites and IMDB, Leisha is set to appear in an indie movie called "La Cucina". No synopsis for the moment, hope we gonna have some more informations soon (thanks to n.enya for this news).



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The L Word season 3 DVD

The L Word: Season 3

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Wanna try a "snappy"? Here’s the recipe!

Snappies are a concoction that Leisha (and Mia Kirshner) invented: a rice cake or cracker piled with tuna and covered with avocado. Erin Daniels assures that "It’s very healthy." So just try it !

(from a curve magazine article)




The L Word Season 4 episode titles:

4x01 Legend in the Making

4x02 Livin' La Vida Loca

4x03 Lassoed

4x04 Layup

4x05 Lez Girls

4x06 Luck Be A Lady

4x07 Lesson Number One

4x08 Lexington & Concord

4x09 Lacy Lilting Lyrics

4x10 Little Boy Blue

4x11 Literary License to Kill

4x12 Long Time Coming

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